New All Parliamentary Group on Coastal Communities, real hope or rolling the issues in glitter ?

The House of Lords report on our Coastal communities appears to have achieved something, which i find of great hope having as i like many others  attended one of the forums (Skegness), and meet some of the Peers undertaking the spade work , and listening patiently to my input as well as many others.

We have now a new All Party Parliamentary Group on Coastal Communities, and in its early announcements it seems to have , hit the ground in clear recognition of the big ,big issues facing these vital part of the UK tourist offering.

Recognition has been made our seaside towns have been neglected too long; they need help creating re-balance in  their economies; they are facing ageing populations with out the budgets allocated to care for this important part of our society, whilst other areas sigh with relief as the cost moves to the coast of looking after ever more of our elderly; the coastal resorts are magnets to the homeless ; they are experiencing drug trouble, the transport links are underprovided and have been under invested in.The narrative used was transport infrastucture is 'appalling'.

The coastal resorts have long proved massively popular with visitors, many such as Skegness thrive , and evolve , but its clear the pressures they are under is telling, and support or creation of a strategy at National level is needed, to allow this important part of the visitor economy to grow and achieve all it can.

Money is tight and always will be, so does the Country needs to reflect on how it might achieve the sustainable Coastal Communities which are carrying what seems an unfair share of the load, on historic under investment, or is the reported £100bn on The High Speed train looking like a good vote winner.

Lets hope the Toy Train set gets pulled and the monies or part at least gets invested into helping a far more important part of our country , its coastal communities and coastal tourist offering.