Regenerating Seaside Towns and Communities

The House of Lords has since Summer this year had a Select Committee looking at the Regeneration of our Seaside Towns and Communities, and have visited Blackpool/Fleetwood; Margate and Skegness.

I was delighted to attend the Skegness visit, in October and to hear the views of those attending, which ranged from major operators; politicians of all shades; and next generation as represented by schools.

The overwhelming impression i had was that those in the seaside towns are passionate about their futures; are possibly some of the most entrepeneurial types going; but realised the areas to keep growing need infrastrusture upgrades; and support for the next generation to retain them in the areas.

The Committee is i understand now closed on its work although last minute submissions might go via its Clerk.

Lets hope all this work leads to the Seaside areas getting some additional support, and allowing them to continue to be areas of domestic Tourism and Hospitality hot spots for our and future generations to enjoy.