There are opportunities to reduce the impact of a reduction in the supply of EU migrant workers

If there is to be a major cut in the number of workers allowed to enter from the EU, last month's  KPMG report commissioned by BHA strongly suggests that parts of hospitality and tourism face major problems in recruitment. BHA say it wants to avoid there being any cliff edge and is seeking to make the Government aware that in the medium to long term the industry will still need considerable numbers of EU workers. BHA has submitted a strategy to Number 10 Downing Street because it says it is aware of its responsibility to encourage more UK nationals to see the career opportunities available in hospitality and tourism. BHA says the Government needs to play its part too, by recognising the industry's employment needs and recognising how important this industry, the fourth largest, is to the country.

To attract more UK workers to the sector, the tourism and hospitality industry will need to become more competitive within the labour market, and will likely need to employ a number of initiatives, at a business, sector and national level, to recruit the long-term unemployed and economically inactive workers.

What are you, or your clients, doing? Would be interesting and valuable to share initiatives.