“Tomorrows world is here today”

The other day, I checked into my Zurich hotel – in the departure lounge at Luton Airport. 

My hotel had sent me an email to my smartphone with a QR code having allocated room 603. On arrival in the hotel a few hours later, I put my smartphone into the web-check-in reader in the lobby and a room key was dispensed. I came upstairs without any interaction with the staff on Reception.  Yesterday I completed the on-line guest questionnaire from the hotel concerning my prior stay; I completed it in my room on line on my smart phone. By the time I was having my beer a few hours later, someone called Sandy Decker had sent me a personal response to my smartphone thanking me (freundliche grusse) for the feedback and saying they had already spoken to the hotel’s chief engineer about my comments on the a/c system. I’d better finish this note to you, because I need to check out and get to the airport for my next flight. I have just got an email with a link to enable me to check out from the room so I won’t need to go through the queue like the rest of them. (p.s. if you are planning on coming to Zurich let me know and I will tell you which hotel it is so you can try it too!)

If you found this interesting, read this report.

I wonder if there will be anyone employed doing check in and check out by 2020? What would that one change bring to the bottom line of the global industry?

  • People still do want the option of talking to a person - but will increasingly choose to manage without it.  Those hotels which bite the bullet and say to their guests (as some surely will) "You said you didn't want face to face checkout any more so we've done away with it to improve our service to you" will however still suffer the backlash. We all hate being patronised and can tell the difference between opportunistic cost savings and withdrawal of choice in the name of "improvements".

    In a similar vein - when we hang up that towel - are we really saving the environment or a point or two of margin?!

  • Maybe people want the option, guess you need to know your market

  • Sometimes I do and sometimes I dont; and if I get a better deal via self service, when I am watching the pennies then maybe I can be tempted to use the automated systems. Afterall I do now at Tesco, B&Q and Ryanair so why not at a hotel?

  • Its interesting to note if people actually want human interaction or not?