Travel and Tourism account for one in 11 jobs on the planet

The conditions for the Travel and Tourism (T&T) sector have changed significantly in recent times. The world has been facing geopolitical tensions from the Middle East and Ukraine to South-East Asia, growing terrorism threats and fear of the spread of global pandemics. Should they persist, these global challenges could have significant further repercussions on the T&T industry, as they touch on the pre-condition for the sector to grow and develop—the ability of people to travel safely. The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015 includes detailed profiles for each of the 141 economies featured in the study, as well as an extensive section of data tables with global rankings covering 90 indicators included in the TTCI. In addition, it includes insightful contributions from a number of industry experts.

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    but speaking for myself only, the combination of a degree in hotel and catering administration and fellowship of ICAEW has enabled me to live on three continents, work in more than 60 countries and vacation in many more. Just this year 2015, I have had a four week holiday in Ethiopia a two week holiday in Italy and have worked in each of Spain, Ireland, UK, Czech Republic, Dubai and Switzerland. So these two qualifications are themselves a "ticket to ride" (which dates me I guess)

    But the substantive point is that having visited Ethiopia and last year Bhutan and Myanmar and indeed Puglia and Amalfi in Italy this year I have seen for myself again how tourism can be an engine for both good and bad forms of economic growth. I still think 1 in 11 overstates the case but there is equally no doubt that tourism is a far bigger industry than many governments and many economists and the business press recognise

  • Top Ten Jobs If You  Love To Travel

    (10) Flight attendant

    It may be the most obvious travel-related job, but it's also one of the most accessible: You don't need a specialized degree to become a flight attendant, and most major airlines only require prior customer service experience and a certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. The hours are frequently erratic, and the work isn't always easy, but you'll get a glimpse of hundreds of cities across the globe during your career. A bonus perk? Free or discounted flights for you and your family.

    (9) International aid worker

    If you want to travel for a living while making a real difference in people's lives, consider working for an international aid organization like USAID. With this job, you can visit struggling countries and help its residents recover from dire situations such as natural disasters and famine. You'll need a background in a field like health, agriculture or education and a strong interest in social work, according to How Stuff Works.

    (8)Exploration geologist

    Exploration geologists help resource extraction companies identify the most profitable places from which to extract natural resources. Since extraction tends to happen in places that aren't very well-populated, exploration geologists get to travel to some of the most remote regions of the world, and can be away from home for months at a time.

    (7)Cruise line worker

    Working on a cruise ship is a travel lover's dream gig: You quite literally make a living traveling the world, all while receiving free food and accommodations. Whether you're a restaurant server, a shop clerk or a performer in the cruise's entertainment lineup, there are opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds to work on one of these "floating resorts." Websites like Cruise Line Jobs list employment openings with some of the top-rated cruise lines.

    (6)Travel tour guide

    Imagine spending your days guiding fellow travel lovers through a bustling European metropolis, or perhaps a small local village is more your speed. Wherever you want to go, popular travel destinations are always in need of friendly, knowledgeable guides to lead tourists through city sights and cultural excursions. Study up on the history and culture of your city of choice, and don't forget to brush up on the local language!


    Archaeologists travel the world to recover and preserve artifacts from past human cultures. Careers in archaeology require frequent travel, often to remote regions of the earth.

    A benefit of speaking one of the world's most popular languages is that there are people all over the world who want to learn it. Teaching English in a foreign country is one of the easiest ways to get out and see the world. Many teaching positions in foreign countries do require a certification, but you can easily get one in about a month's time.

    (3)Executive assistant

    It may not be the most glamorous of jobs, but playing a behind-the-scenes role in the life of a corporate executive or other high-powered professional means you'll be right alongside your boss on his or her business trips. Since individuals in these positions travel quite frequently for important client meetings, you'll have plenty of opportunities to see new places while you work.

    (2) Oceanographer

    If you love traveling by sea and have a passion for learning more about it, then there is probably no better career for you than that of an oceanographer. Oceanographers often split their time between laboratories and research ships, where they can spend months away from home visiting remote regions of the ocean.

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