WEBINAR: Challenges in Growth in Tourism and Hospitality - focus on the Far East

The Tourism and Hospitality Special Interest Group at the ICAEW, is always working hard to bring you the latest industry Insight.

Zayd Maniar, Committee member, is pleased to welcome Robert Hecker for this season’s webinar.

Robert shall share his insight via a webinar on what those tasked with Finance are facing as challenges. More importantly, he will share his wisdom on how to cope with these challenges.

Robert manages the Pacific Asia arm of Horwath HTL, with offices across the Far East. 

Since his arrival in the region, with Horwath HTL in 1988, he has developed an extensive background and expertise in the region’s developing hotel and tourism industries through his direct involvement in the planning and analysis of projects.

The webinar shall commence with a high level oversight of the Macro and Micro Economic Trends faced by the industry. Robert shall explain how these are impacting tourism and of course, the GDPs.

He shall also share his insight on what the industry expects from us, i.e. not only those who are working in industry, but also those who remain in practice.

Based on member feedback, we shall discuss how liquidity can impact tourism and also what to consider when carrying out valuations.

The lines are still open – so what else would you like us to discuss?