Will Brexit actually enhance image of Leisure as employment to consider for UK staff

As Brexit nudges ever closer, many in the Tourism sector in the East of England are reporting signs that East European staff are starting to return to their homelands.

To many employers this is a dis appointment as the image of working in Tourism and Leisure to these employees was to see it as a career that they valued and enjoyed and from that the service levels increased and so did customer satisfaction.

To replace the exiting staff will require the UK businesses to offer a competitive package to the UK staff they now need to recruit to replace gaps appearing. Historically, the sector was seen as a stop gap rather than a career, but if the businesses are to recruit in a low unemployment economy the offering might need to move to be more competitive to new staff  ie year round security of employment, pensions etc.

This would undoubtedly improve the package on offer, especially on the seasonal coastal strip, the issue of how the businesses cover the extra cost is however frightening as its unlikely the extra costs can pass on to customers and automation seems often impossible so it comes back to productivity which is not an easy area.

Perhaps the coastal strips will be allowed to trade all year round rather than hampered by over zealous Environment Agency input meaning restriction to say 10 month trade only, many caravan parks as example not even being allowed to trade over the coming Christmas trade period. Only in Britain would we restrict ourselves against our competitors this way !