Mike Lewis

ATOL Annual Accountants report

Hi there. I'm new to these forums but I am on some others elsewhere

I've been doing some management accounts for a travel agent. They sell packages to Turkey.

Yesterday I was sent this form with a cheery "Please find attached some documents relevant to the ATOL application. I would like to ask you to complete and sign the "Standard AARs"?.I need that as soon as possible."

I have scanned through the 75 page CAA guide and the 45 page ICAEW technical release and I am not at all thrilled with what I read. I imagine a lot of it is duplicated but it strikes me as a lot of work for a client with little money.

They have a few hundred grand turnover and 4.5k pax. Reservation system is home grown and accounts are on Xero with some import routines from reservations and bank.

I'd say solvency could go either way depending whether the owner continues to support it and I am not at all convinced I want to get involved with a regulator on such a business.

Any thoughts please?