Lake Saif-ul-Mulook Facts and Myth

Lake Saiful Malook is also known as the lake of fairies. This lake is famous for its majestically surrounded mountains covered with snow and provides a magical view of Malka Parbat Mountains. The lake contains unbelievably crystal clear blue, green water that mesmerizes the beauty and attracts tourist. It is 10000 feet above the sea level, highest alpine Lake of Pakistan.  Lake has a bowl shape and contains multiple glaciers, the variety of plants. Lake gets covered with snow because of heavy snowfall in winters. Weather is extremely pleasant and divine; boating facility also fascinates tourists. One of the astonishing facts of the lake is that many foreigners have tried to measure the length of the lake but it is still unknown and there are no rescue types of equipment available.

There is a very famous myth regarding the lake. However, the story might be a myth but the beauty of the place is definitely true and real and you must visit it at least once to enjoy the surreal sceneries. A lot of people go there with all tour Pakistan packages 2019 to enjoy the beauty of nature at its best.

Myth regarding the lake

According to the mythical fairytale history, Lake is associated with Egyptian prince named Saif ul Mulook. He was inherited by the enormous amount of wealth. He fell in love miraculously with the picture of fairy Badi ul Jamal. He, at that point, left his home to find her, a journey that took six years to finish. One day a holy person met Saif on a road of Egypt and gave him a Sulemani topi, disclosing to him that it will take the ruler to his ideal place. The holy person told the sovereign that he would discover the fairy in a lake; however, he needed to pass a few struggling tests and furthermore implore so as to accomplish her, as she was a fairy ruler and the prince was human. A human eye can never observe an evil spirit or fairies as they seem to be "fire borne".

Saif reached the place and began a petition with God for 40 continuous days. Step by step, his treasures get most exceedingly loss. However, he didn't surrender. Prince, after petitioning God for 40 continuous days without any food and rest, it was the fourteenth night of that month and he thought, "Possibly this evening I'll see her." Then unexpectedly he saw the fairy with her maids towards the lake for the shower. She was very pretty with dull dark hair and brilliant eyes. She was looking incredible.

After talking with Badi-ul-Jamal, Saif came to realize that she was caught in a mansion at Koh Qaf by Safaid Deyo for the last 10 years. Safaid Deyo was additionally obsessed with the fairy. In the wake of tuning in to the narrative of the fairy ruler, Saif took her and endeavored to escape from this valley. At the point when the white monster, Safaid Deyo came to know about this, he made turbulences out of anger in this lake, because of which heavy flow of water came in Kaghan Valley. Fairy along with prince hide on a ground couple of miles from Naran; however, because of the flood Saif and Badi-ul-Jamal took protection close to the lake. 

Legend state that the Ansoo Lake in Kaghan Valley, a couple of miles from Saif-ul-Malook, was made out of the tears of the white monster Safaid Deyo when he discovered that the fairy was no more. As indicated by the exemplary tale, the prince and the fairy ruler still live, right up 'til the present time, in that given and move over the water surface on the fourteenth night of each lunar month. People located in the nearby area says that because of the miracle and the tragedy of Safaid Deyo who turned into a statue while looking for fairy cause no network service and light of torches in the cave. The story of Fairy and Prince Saif is still a mystery.