Traveler’s Guide- Top 5 Travel Toilet Tips You Need to Know

If you are someone who travels pretty often, you would agree that one of the pains of traveling is finding a decent toilet! Toilets in different countries can be very different from each other. Some toilets have bidet showers, some don’t. Sometimes, the flushing technique is complicated. Some toilets come with premium features. Some don’t even have something as common as toilet tissue. The unfamiliar toilet setups can be frustrating.

That’s why we are here with some must-know traveler’s toilet tips. With these tips, you can go from a frustrating toilet experience to a comfortable one! These tips are sure to make your toilet experience while traveling refreshing.

· Never Forget to Pack your Tissues

Toilet tissue is one of the most common things in a toilet. But sadly, while traveling you may find public toilets where they don’t provide tissues. Sometimes, some public toilets even run out of tissues and don’t fill it in instantly. That’s why carrying your own tissue while traveling is the wisest solution. In this way, you won’t even have to touch the unhygienic tissue of public toilets. Be sure to carry some plastic bags with you too. So that you can throw your tissues in them.

· Carry Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers can be very handy while traveling. Just like toilet tissues, some toilets may also don’t have a water supply. Besides, in public toilets or in rural areas, sometimes you may not find hygienic water or wipes. That’s why pack a hand sanitizer with you. You can also keep some wet wipes. Remember, hygiene is the key.

· Look for Toilet Locator Apps

It may sound new. But you will be surprised to know that there are many decent toilet locator apps available now. When you are traveling to a new place, it may be hard for you to find a toilet immediately. In these situations, toilet locator apps can guide your way. You can download apps like Toilet Finder, Where is Public Toilet and so on.

· Keep Lose Changes

In some places, using toilets charge a bit. The costs are usually quite reasonable. Sometimes the payment method is automated and doesn’t have any return option. So keeping small changes with you will be helpful.

· Invest in the Best Portable Toilet

Imagine an intense call from nature when there’s no public toilet nearby. Or when it’s dark all-around at the end of a night and you can’t see anything far away around you. That’s when only a portable toilet can save you.

Portable toilets are very popular with travelers. They are comparatively very cheap and hygienic. They come in different sizes and weights. You can choose the one that’s convenient for you and go on your trip.

If you have the portable toilet with you, you won’t have to enter the unhygienic public toilets. You will have a germ-free toilet that you won’t have to share with anyone. Besides, if you travel often you may have faced at least one toilet that’s flushing system doesn’t work. With your own portable toilet, you won’t need to be concerned about flushing. You can just get rid of the waste in your own convenient way.

Another plus point about having a portable toilet seat is, you won’t have to worry about unfamiliar toilet setups. You can have your own comfortable toilet seat. That’s what makes the portable toilets so much popular with travelers.

But if you have never bought a portable toilet before, choosing the good portable toilet can be confusing for you. Here are some factors you should look at when you are getting a portable toilet.

o Size:

Portable toilets come in many different sizes. How can you choose which one’s right for you? You have to look at two different aspects of the size. Firstly, the size should be compact enough to fit in your transport. Secondly, the size should be proper for you to seat on it comfortably.

o Quality:

One of the most important factors while buying a portable toilet is its quality. The toilet must be sturdy enough to carry your weight. It needs to be completely leak-proof too.

o Flush:

Portable toilets come in 2 different types of flushing systems. One with a flush tank and the other with disposable bags. The ones with freshwater tanks are a better choice as it’s more of an odor-free one.

o Waste Disposal:

When you are using your portable toilet continuously, you will need to dispose of the waste. For waste disposal, portable toilets that come with water flush tanks are better. But you will need to empty the tank in someplace.

Some camping spots don’t allow waste disposal. Be sure to check before you travel to those areas with water tank toilets. In those areas, go with the toilet that allows waste disposal in disposable bags. There are many biodegradable disposable bags out in the market. They come with powders in them that can turn liquid wastes into solids. So that the wastes can be buried. But be sure to bury the wastes away from any water source.

o Ease of Use:

You can determine the best portable toilet based on its ease of use. While traveling or camping, you may need to set up the toilet many times. Sometimes the toilet break can be very short. If your portable toilet is easy-to-setup and easy-to-use, it will save up your time and be more convenient for your trip. Be sure to practice setting it up a few times before you go on your actual trip.

Final Verdict

Traveling is a very fun experience. But when you are traveling, it may sometimes become difficult to have good toilet experiences. Why let your trip be bad with the frustrating travel toilet experiences when you can save yourself if you can be prepared beforehand. Our top 5 travel toilet tips are meant to make your journey easier and better. Make sure to keep in mind all the tips for a comfortable and pleasant trip.