Infrastructure – is it the foundation for a successful Tourism, Travel and Hospitality economy?

What is memorable travel experience?

As committee members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, England & Wales, we are often asked what are the foundations for a successful tourism, travel and hospitality economy, which enjoy a steady growth in all aspects, from tourist numbers to RevPAR and everything in between.

For most of us, a memorable experience is a mix of both quantitative factors such as the cost of the holiday. Qualitative aspects, like feeling safe and comfortable when out and about. One of the foundations of a tourism economy is strong infrastructure.

Infrastructure – beyond bricks and mortar

When we think about infrastructure we tend to think about roads, bridges, and rail connections, as these are one of the first things we see. We tend to only experience soft infrastructures such as telecommunications, recreational facilities and hopefully not have to experience the law enforcement and emergency services side of infrastructure.

Infrastructure contributes to travel experience

Dubai is a stellar example of how excellent infrastructure ensures both business and leisure travellers continue to return, year on year. Be it a successful Exhibition or simply quiet time on a secluded beach Cabana. Infrastructure is driving tourism. From swift airport immigration, a seamless ride, be it chauffeur driven or on a clean metro seat. To world-class cuisine at your favourite international hotel chain.

Governments are investing now

In preparation for the slow and safe opening up of the tourism industry, governments are making significant investments in into infrastructure. It could be as simple as rest facilities at a rural campsite to provide fast and efficient 5G connects, so the global traveller is seamlessly connected.

Returns in the years to come

Countries like the United Arab Emirates and Singapore continue to offer “something new” to travellers, every time they return. Be it the world’s largest indoor waterfall to the world’s highest viewing deck. History has taught us, and our economist readers will agree, investment in infrastructure, always pays off.