skills and talent in tourism

I am new to the forum so briefly I am an independent consultant, currently I am conducting some research in regards to talent and skills in tourism. More specifically I am trying to understand to what extent - if any - the lack of a developed tourism workforce may stop or hinder investments in a country. Has anyone got a a view/experience of this?
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Alessandra Alonso
  • Alessandra - Good to see you're still focused on the growth impetus tourism can provide to economies.

    From my perspective I'd expect potential investors to include the extent of a developed tourism workforce as one of the risk factors they build into their assessment of a major new tourism project - alongside many other practical challenges that they'd expect to have to address.  I'd expect however that where this is a particular concern there may also be more fundamental infrastructure related challenges that are more prominent and dominate the assessment.  I personally haven't come across a situation where everything else was in place - but an investment didn't proceed because there wasn't confidence that there was an adequate tourism workforce available the enable the project to succeed.

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