Excel Community round-up - May 2020

Here is all of May 2020's new Excel content.  Excel Community and Tech Faculty members can access all posts by logging in to their accounts: Other users can access posts described as "public".

Webinar recordings

Why the Power BI presentation features mean PowerPoint is now PowerPointless

Simon explains how Power BI - even the free desktop version - can add huge power to your presentations of data.  Accompanying Q&A blog post is here.

Excel Tip of the Week Live: your questions answered (part 2) (public)

The second of our all-Q&A live webinars from the Excel Tip of the Week.  Worked answers to all the questions are available in this public blog post.

Excel Tip of the Week

340 - Calculating tiered percentages (public)

Seen everywhere from taxes to commissions, tiered percentage calculations can be tricky to do in Excel - especially in one formula.  We show you how it's done.

341 - Text extraction functions redux

The suite of functions to extract and transform text values in Excel is extensive - we give you a comprehensive run-down of the options and how to use them.

342 - Revisiting HYPERLINK

This little function can be useful, but it's temperamental and sometimes doesn't work as you might expect.  Check out our guide to getting HYPERLINK to play nice.

343 - SUMPRODUCT redux

SUMPRODUCT is a critical building block of many more complex functions, and a useful function in its own right.

Other blogs

Excel, Teams, PowerPoint, Power BI++ Feb-Apr 2020 new features (public)

Microsoft MVP David Benaim returns with his latest quarterly update on what's new and improved in Microsoft 365 - in Excel and beyond.

Modelling 101: Part 59 - Modelling layout tips

MVP and financial modelling Liam Bastick returns with a fresh look at his style of laying out a financial model.

Excel Tips for accountants - Confidence in the purchase ledger approvals process

MGR's Tom Edmunds lays out his approach to reviewing purchase ledger data in Excel.

Intro to Financial Modelling - Part 5: User interface and transparency (public)

In the next instalment of our series exploring the lessons of the Financial Modelling Code, Alex Carse returns to explain how to keep the model simple and accessible for its users.

Accountants' guide to Excel - PivotTables: PowerPivot

Simon Hurst's series on PivotTables takes the next step, to incorporate the power and complexity of the PowerPivot add-in.

Business graphics - How do accountants stack up? (public)

Simon poses a challenging question to the profession.

Excel vs Google Sheets: Collaboration & remote working

It's on all our minds in the current situation - but remote working and collaboration are fortunately strongly supported by both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.  David Benaim compares and contrasts what each has to offer.