Tip of the Week #10 - UPPER, LOWER, PROPER

Welcome back to the Excel Tip of the Week.  As a reminder, one post each month will be posted here in IT Counts, but the regular weekly emails can be found in the Excel Community site.

This month we have a General User post in which we'll be looking at three simple text-editing functions.

What they do
: These three functions all edit the case of one or more letters in a text string.  UPPER converts to upper-case font and LOWER converts text to lower-case font.  PROPER converts so that the first letter of each word is capitalised.

How to write one: The syntax for these functions is very simple, and looks like this:


Text – The reference to the text you want to alter.  See these examples.  In each case the code for the function is followed by the output:

What to use it for: - Quick and easy text editing into a desired case.

A quick Copy / Paste Values over the results removes the formulas and leaves you with just the edited text.

Note: Most Excel functions that compare text strings, such as conditional formatting and logicals, are not normally case-sensitive.

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